Following The Training Workshop Program, in early November 2018, MicroAd Vietnam had a friendly meet with MicroAd Taiwan to share experiences and discuss plans to develop both markets in the next few years.

The 2-day cross-country workshop was held at MicroAd HCMC office with participants from Business Development Team and Creative Team.


In the first session, MicroAd Taiwan team, who have several experiences with E-Commerce campaigns, came to share useful insights and optimization tips for “performing” campaigns in general and “online conversion” in particular. The second session led by MicroAd Vietnam team, was a hands-on discussion on challenging case studies while strategic and tactical plans was shared to maximise reach and brand lift for “branding” campaigns. The sessions also covered how to test out different creative layouts and utilize ad platforms for each objective.


According to Mr. Masanori Konishi – CEO of MicroAd Vietnam: “This time, MicroAd Vietnam members could learn many things from Taiwan team’s knowledge and experiences. We’re convinced that we can utilize these experiences for updating and adapting our services to clients in Vietnam. We will hold this kind of training session continuously in order to keep growing together with the market.”


Mr. Maruki Yuto – CEO of MicroAd Taiwan shared: “Through great sessions with other MicroAd offices as what we did this time, we’ll sharpen our strength, especially in market insight analysis and target audience analysis, so as to provide higher quality services in Taiwan market.”


About MicroAd


MicroAd Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established in 2012. We are Japanese based digital media booking agency that has been serving more than 500 premium and local advertisers in Vietnam and more than 5,500 advertisers across APAC region. MicroAd provides a strategic digital marketing plan for client with an access to various platforms including but not limited to MicroAd BLADE, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Viber, iTVC, SEM/SEO, etc.