HCMC, 12 June 2017, the Cross-Company Training Workshop was held in MicroAd Vietnam office with the attendance of all managers from Adways, Interspace, Moore and MicroAd.

Sharing background as Japan-based digital marketing companies, they expect to have a stronger strategic partnership and gain a sustainable development in Vietnam market.

This is the first session in The Cross-Company Training Workshop Program created and developed by the companies, in order to bring this expectation go live. The Workshop Program aims to enhance the communication between companies and the session itself also provides managers with stronger professional leadership skill.

During the 2.5-hour seminar, attendees was shared with analytical and quality control skills so they can apply to develop their critical thinking which is considered as one of the important criteria of a good business development leader.

Masanori Konishi – CEO of MicroAd Vietnam shared that “We’ve received many positive feedbacks about this workshop so we are now considering to keep organizing this kind of activity. Futhermore, we will expand the level of members to join this seminar. In the next training session,  there will be junior and senior members joining so we can upgrade the knowledge and working skills for everyone. ”

Ms. Konami Saito – COO/CMO of Interspace VIetnam said “This workshop is very usefull for us since we can apply it to solve any kind of problems. Of couse, what we learn now is just a theory, what we face in real cases would be somehow different. However, this workshop did provide a very strong base and I’m personally looking for more and more workshops in the nearest future”.

About Adways Vietnam

Established in 2015, Adways Vietnam is a subsidiary of Adways Inc. which is Tokyo Stock Exchange listed leading mobile marketing company, having over 1,000 multinational employees in 12 countries and regions. Adways Vietnam has started some businesses include mobile app install platforms “Appdriver” and “Seads”, native display ads network “Blue Bee Native” and 3rd party tracking tool for mobile apps “Party Track”.

About Interspace

Interspace Vietnam Co., Ltd is operating ACCESSTRADE for Vietnam market. ACCESSTRADE is one of the largest affiliate platforms in Asia, originated in Japan since 2001.

Since 2012, Interspace Co., Ltd has been expanding to China, Indonesia and Thailand. Lately, the company expanded to Vietnam, forming Interspace Vietnam Co., Ltd a partnership with MOG Vietnam the local leading company in affiliate marking with more than 70,000 online publishers.

About Moore

Moore is a digital marketing agency that focuses on performance-based ads in Vietnam. As a group company of IREP, a leading SEM/SEO agency in Japan, Moore consults and implements performance-based marketing solutions methodically and professionally by utilizing technology and industry knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of advertisement campaign and the growth of business for advertisers.

About MicroAd

MicroAd Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established in 2012. We are Japanese based digital media booking agency that has been serving more than 500 premium and local advertisers in Vietnam and more than 5,500 advertisers across APAC region. MicroAd provides a strategic digital marketing plan for client with an access to various platforms including but not limited to MicroAd BLADE, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Viber, iTVC, SEM/SEO, etc.