Ho Chi Minh City – 5th March, 2014 – As a leading & innovative online marketing supplier in Vietnam, MicroAd is now officially launching its new DSP on Mobile Platform, available on two different operation systems which are Android & iOS, associated with many add-on valuable benefits.

MicroAd BLADE is now familiar by Vietnamese Advertisers. It is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP), pushing ads banners to be shown widely in thousands website, available on PC and Laptop. However, this will be the first time a DSP on Mobile platform will be launched into Vietnam domestic market, provided by MicroAd.

The combination of DSP and Mobile Platform inherits both sides’ advantages. Both CPC (Cost per Click) and CPA (Cost per Action/Conversion/ Acquisition) optimized will be contributed to the outstanding performance of Mobile DSP. Those functions will help each advertising campaign reaching to right audience, with most affordable cost-saving.

With over 80,000 positions available on mobile sties as well as various applications, Online Banners can appear almost everywhere every time possible, when potential audiences are using smartphone or tablet.

Mr. Kosuke Sogo-CEO of MicroAd shares that: “In Vietnam, the number of Smartphone users have been increasing rapidly in the recent years. Catching such businesses’ high demand, we announce to launch to the market new technology – Smartphone DSP. This technology serves more than 4 million impressions to Smartphone Users or Tablet Users every month in Vietnam; at the same time, it supports businesses to transmit marketing messages and to reach most potential Smartphone and Tablet Users”.

Depending on the nature of each product or service, the advertising campaign will be customized by Ad Optimization Team and run on multiple versions of mobile operating system as Android or iOS. This is one of the very true benefits in term of adding services that MicroAd brings to customers – Otohiko Kozutsumi – Director of MicroAd Vietnam said.