Ho Chi Minh City – 11 December 2013, MicroAd Vietnam, a leading online ad platform in Vietnam announces that MicroAd BLADE, the No.1 DSP in Vietnam is offering Dynamic Retargeting through Scigineer, a leading advertising technology company in Japan.

Dynamic Retargeting has been gaining both popularity and attention worldwide in recent years. It made a meteoric rise to fame and has been highly recognized for its results in both US-UK and Asia Pacific markets. However, most Vietnamese marketers are still be unfamiliar with Dynamic Retargeting as there has been no official ways to approach this new technology so far.

This technology allows advertisers to expose potential customers to more products based on the products that they have previously shown interest in and at the same time remind and encourages them to click through and make purchases. In addition to this, Dynamic Banners can show various products with different URLs, directing the viewer to the specific product directly, motivating users to click thus, making purchase faster and easier. This will lead to a much better click through rate (CTR) for most e-commerce site.

Dynamic banner can display more than 4 products which are related to current user’s interests

 “Through our cooperation with Scigineer, we will now be able to provide Dynamic Retargeting to our clients with our inventory in Vietnam, of which we have the greatest market share. Dynamic Banner is one of the major steps for Vietnamese digital marketing marketers since this can support marketers to improve performance of their advertising campaign as well as to double the current return on investment.” says Kosuke Sogo, CEO of MicroAd Vietnam

“Since we launched Dynamic Retargeting in Japan, hundreds of campaigns have gone live and we have lots of tangible results of bringing more revenues to our clients. MicroAd is a market leader in terms of the next generation of digital advertising.  We are excited about our collaboration with MicroAd, and is happy to help people in Vietnam find what they like easily and contribute to the development of e-commerce in Vietnam” says Shinichiro Yoshi, CEO of Scigineer

  • About MicroAd Vietnam

MicroAd Vietnam was established in November, 2012. We provide “MicroAd BLADE”, a leading Japanese DSP with Real Time Bidding technology (RTB) and integrated with major ads exchanges.

  • About Scigineer Inc.

Scigineer Inc. is a leading ad optimization company. Its proprietary “discovery engine” provides high-precision analysis of individual online user preferences and behaviors, enabling effective ad delivery targeting. The discovery engine is able to personalize advertisement contents to each user and improve an advertiser’s ROI by achieving higher CTRs than those from standard display or retargeted ads.


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