Ho Chi Minh City – 24th April, 2014 – Known as the first and only Demand-Side Platform (DSP) supplier in Vietnam until now, MicroAd has just announced to expand services for publishers who wish to join the very new ads network in Vietnam market. This SSP will be the second fundamental step to complete MicroAd’s digital display marketing model.

Real Time Bidding Ecosystem

Named MicroAd AdFunnel, it was built as a Supply-Side Platform, exclusively for personal own websites, which are demanding on selling its blanked display slots. This is considered as the profitable optimized solution for publishers, as there are thousands of different advertising messages will demand to be displayed on their sites.

The whole process from demanding (DSP) to supplying (SSP) will be operated base on Real-time Bidding (RTB) auction technology. It means whoever advertiser willing to pay the highest CPM price will gain an opportunity to show their banner for potential audiences.

Associated with an 82 percent covered database through almost every internet users in Vietnam, MicroAd AdFunnel automatically analyses to choose which ads banner will not only maximise profit for Publishers but also gain highest performance for Advertisers. In details, MicroAd AdFunnel will determine Advertises’ priority through their highest bidding price they willing to pay for, then connecting with MicroAd BLADE in order to source out best ads message fitting with current internet users’ behaviour.

This performance management function works to optimize every single impression and increase benefits for both supply and demand sides

DSP and SSP are unseparated systems. Since launching SSP, MicroAd’s DSP will enhanced considerably in term of supporting current display ads campaigns’ performance.

Mr. Kosuke Sogo – CEO of MicroAd Vietnam noted:

“After developing DSP and its other advanced functions, MicroAd Vietnam is going to release MicroAd AdFunnel as a second fundamental step to complete MicroAd’s digital display marketing model and boosting the dynamic as well as diversification of our digital market.”

Publishers was believed to be easy and confident in connecting with SSP – MicroAd AdFunnel as DSP – MicroAd BLADE has already been well-recognized with Vietnamese marketers – Mr. Kosuke Sogo shared.

About MicroAd Vietnam

MicroAd Vietnam was established in November, 2012. We provide “MicroAd BLADE”, a leading Japanese DSP with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology and integrated with major ads exchanges.


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