HCMC – 8th January, 2014, MicroAd Vietnam, a leading Display Ad Platform in Vietnam introducing a new technology, “Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Video Ads” into Digital Marketing in Vietnam  after launched Dynamic Retargeting function a month ago.

Formerly, advertisers, especially for Consumer Electronics and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands, focus on launching TVC campaigns to deliver PR messages. Spending several thousands of dollar into TVC which broadcasting overall television channels is somehow too familiar. However, with technology they now can expand those TVC campaigns to internet channels aiming at reaching more people, with much tighter cost. The Video Ads will not only run massively on a huge inventory of Demand Side Platform (DSP), but also operate based on Real-Time Bidding technology to target the right audience with an affordable ad-spending.

In addition to this, normally Video Ads is just only activated the banner is on click or mouse-over. If it is on mouse-over, there must be a 3 second delay. However, with MicroAd’s technology, the “RTB Video Ads” will automatically start which will lead to the rise of click through rate (CTR).

As one of the main objectives for any optimization campaign is to increase the CTR and conversion rate, “RTB Video Ads” has proven to be very successful in keeping visitors more emerged in the advertisement, which usually results in the visitor staying on the website longer and converting.

Since biddable video inventory is relatively new and potential in this advertising market, it is estimated to become the hottest trend for branding in Digital Marketing field in 2014.

MicroAd Vietnam is currently providing Demand Side Platform which owns the automated RTB buying system and the largest ads inventory in Vietnam.

Mr. Kosuke Sogo – CEO of MicroAd Vietnam shares: “Advertisers in Vietnam is quite familiar with traditional video banners. Yet this method seems not really effective as it runs without conditions on the ads network which causes a huge waste of budget. Seizing this point, we studied to integrate Video and Real-Time Bidding technologies to a united solution. This “RTB Video Ads” is the next moving step of MicroAd Vietnam in this year 2014. This new technology properly will appear in most Digital Marketing plans of branding campaigns.”

In order to run traditional video banner ads, advertisers usually need to pay extra fee for operation cost. Therefore, the cost per mille (eCPM) price for Video banners is higher than traditional picture-based banner ads. With the aim of introducing advertisers with new technology, MicroAd Vietnam is offering free operation cost for “RTB Video Ads” within the first 30 days.

About MicroAd Vietnam

MicroAd Vietnam was established in November, 2012. We provide “MicroAd BLADE”, a leading Japanese DSP with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology and integrated with major ads exchanges.



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