On July 17, 2020, an online market research platform – a tool to help businesses listen to consumers – Voice Pick has just launched a new homepage interface with many features and design improvements at

Launched in 2018, the initial orientation of Voice Pick was to become an Online Market Survey service to serve the data needs and support for MicroAd Vietnam customers to conduct digital marketing. In 2020, seeing the increasing needs of in-depth analysis of consumer behaviors, Voice Pick aims to build a network between the market research project of brands and their target audiences with a professional & accurate respondent screening system.

Market research is not a new industry. But what is market research for is always a top question of many people, especially for small and medium-sized or startup owners when it comes to business. However, due to many reasons, small businesses often rarely use research services. Understanding that, Voice Pick builds a system to optimize input resources and bring market research closer to small and medium enterprises.

Voice Pick – Online market research platform has had experience of cooperating with big brands, both domestic and foreign in market research campaigns, such as: Koikeya, Lotte Xylitol Vietnam, Cow Soap (Gyunyu), …

Voice Pick focuses on putting consumers at the core of businesses. When cooperating with Voice Pick, businesses and individuals will receive the following benefits:

  1. For Voice Pick Clients: 
    • Data collecting service: An opportunity to reach a large community of authenticated users, giving genuine feedback on the brand, product, and message that the business wants to convey.
    • Consulting services: Experienced consulting team gives customers the best advice to optimize the value customers will achieve, thereby fulfilling business goals.
  2. For Respondents: the opportunity to become an influential person, to contribute ideas to the product development process of major brands. Along with that is well-paid for your contributions.

In this launch, Voice Pick wants to introduce not only a new face but also a philosophy that puts consumers at the heart of our business to build, develop and dedicate. Voice Pick’s mission is to bring long-term development value to clients, along with building a platform where all opinions are acknowledged and appreciated, so that together we can become better. 


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Hotline: 0812.565.800